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DeltaTrak's Comprehensive FlashLink Real-Time Loggers

FlashLink Real-Time In-Transit Loggers automatically transmit data via GSM cellular networks to FlashTrak cloud service. Trip information is accessible 24/7 from any internet-enabled device.

  • Make immediate cold chain management decisions, share and store data online
  • LCD Display for quick and easy confirmation of device activation during busy peak season loading times
  • "Best in Industry Battery Shelf Life"
  • FlashTrak Maritime Service uses GPS positioning and automatic identification systems to show you where the vessel with your shipment is while on the ocean and its estimated time of arrival.
  • Destination Port Arrival Alerts via geofencing sent via email and text report on full trip data prompts swift action in case of any out-of-range conditions or bad arrival before unloading.
  • Fail Safe backup option to download PDF report with standard micro USB to USB cable

FlashLink® NOW AIR 4G/5G Real-Time In-Transit Logger, Model 22493

  • Proactively manage shipment condition
  • 4G/5G LTE/2G Real-Time Logger
  • Temperature, location, light, RH, Air Pressure
  • Large LCD screen
  • Non Lithium Battery
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FlashLink® NOW 4G/5G Real-Time In-Transit Logger, Model 22390-05

  • Ideal for both domestic and export shipments
  • 4G/5G LTE/2G Real-Time Logger
  • Temperature, location, light
  • Large LCD screen
  • 70-day trip duration

FlashLink® RTL Prime 3G-2T Real-Time In-Transit Logger, Model 22367

  • One Logger, two temperatures, one graph
  • Easily compare both sets of data upon arrival
  • Expedite inspections & insurance claims
  • Verify product was carried within correct temperature range
  • One trip report provides clear evidence for insurance claims

FlashLink NOW 4G/5G Real-Time Multiuse Logger, #22392-50

  • Designed for use on multiple shipments
  • Use the START and STOP buttons to restart device per shipment
  • Monitors location, temperature, humidity, light and shock
  • Expedite inspections and insurance claims
  • Verify product was carried within correct temperature range
  • Reduce and avert potential product theft during transportation via light sensor alerts to unplanned security access
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Shadow Log® Technology

FlashLink Mini PDF In‑Transit Logger, Model 31010

Our next generation plug-and-play logger has the added benefit of Shadow Log® technology, guaranteeing that receivers always get trip data, even if a shipper forgets to start the unit. This compact, single-use temperature recorder has a built-in USB connector and on-board software, making it ideal for export shipments.

  • Shadow Log guarantees trip data
  • Compact, single-use temperature logger
  • No Software required for download
  • Automatically create PDF and CSV reports in °F and °C
  • Simplify logger inventory management without having to stock multiple models of various logging durations

Benefits of FlashTrak Cloud Services

Live Data Visibility

Our advanced IoT loggers record and transmit time, temperature, humidity, light, shock and location data to our secure FlashTrak platform in real time.

Precision Traceability

Monitor your products throughout the Supply Chain. Tracking location and critical environmental conditions in real time is critical to identifying the cause of any alerts.

Reduce Data Silos

FlashTrak can help reduce or eliminate information silos, and eliminates dependence on external data.

Reduce Product Waste

Having access to environmental deviations in real time allows you to respond immediately and take corrective action.

Quality, Compliance & Audits

Environmental records and traceability data ensure product quality and safety while documenting compliance with FDA, USDA, HACCP, GxP, 21 CFR Part 11.

All Transportation Modes

FlashTrak is compliant for all modes of transportation: air, road, rail, and sea.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Data stored in FlashTrak can be leveraged to provide improved forecasting, performance, and cost controls.

Building Trust

FlashTrak can be shared with your customers and partners, allowing end-to-end visibility between customers and intermediaries, elevating accountability through transparency

Bottom Line Performance

An investment in FlashTrak solutions can significantly impact cost savings through reduced product loss, improved supply chain efficiencies, and better stock management.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

For most companies, reducing shrinkage and being efficient provides financial motivations, while most people believe it is important to make a social and environmental impact on the world.

GoGreen Recycling

Recycling e-waste reduces pollution greenhouse gas emissions, and saves energy. Participate in DeltaTraks GoGreen Program and help create a sustainable environment for all.

Supply Chain Transparency/Visibility

Knowing the complete history of a food product empowers every participant in the supply chain to respond to a government inquiry at a moment’s notice.

Reduced Waste and Sustainability improvements

FlashTrak’s real-time IoT monitoring helps prevent food loss and the resulting environmental impact from methane emissions.

Product Quality in the Supply Chain

Using real-time track and trace sensors along with advanced methodologies such as Alpha Numeric Quality Code (ANQC) helps extend produce shelf-life and protect profits.

Chain of custody (CoC) expands FlashTrak’s functionality, to indicate the real-time custodian of your product, determine product quality and confirm compliance with government regulations.

FlashTrak Chain of Custody is a complete supply chain management solution, helping to restore focus to your core business by monitoring your supply chain for you.

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